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Video Conference Testing

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
OK - I found iVisit - this service has cheap video conferencing [free for first 3 months].
What do you think about doing iVisit Broadcasts from user group meetings?
Been thrashing about the concept of doing remote presentations to user group meetings with a few folks here - so now it's time to actually test it out.
One Test for Weds afternoon, 07/09/2003 - 3:30 - 5:30 PM CST.
Another Test for Thursday morning, 07/10/2003 08:0 - 10:00 AM CST. Not CDT?

Please email me to wsanders at efgroup dot net to schedule your testing time - I will email u back my hotmail id William Sanders
Can anyone confirm CST = UTC-6? -- acc Yes, it is, but CDT is UTC-7

You will need:
1. Microsoft Netmeeting 3.01 - from
2. Hotmail account - from

OPTIONAL - Web Cam connected to your computer
Netmeeting ILS server ->
but you don't need to be logged into server [usually] Can see directory at
Why we try-> Hopefully, this will be able to:
1. Increase the # of technical presentations by the big guns in the VFP world to the user group communities.
2. Allow a mechanism for User Groups to BROADCAST their own Meetings similar to MS MindShare WebCasts from Previous Years.
3. Increase the audience #'s for technical presentations.
4. Reduce the # of scheduling conflicts that the big guns in the VFP World have with travelling to/from user group meetings.
Tips for setting up new hotmail account:

Once you answer all the questions right you will see "Registration Is Complete", hit continue, you will see "Activate Your Hotmail Account - All for only $19.95 a year!" look at the bottem of the last bulted paragraph for "Click here to sign up for a 2 MB Account." Click there, then on the next 2 screens go straight to the bottem and hit contine. That defaults to no junk e-mail. - cfk
William Sanders

Netmeeting statement: If the computer that is hosting the netmeeting session has a public ip address, the hotmail account is not needed. The clients just put the IP Address into the black bar at the top, then click on the yellow telephone button and dial the computer directly. This removes the need for a directory server and the instability of those.

But, if you can not get a public IP address, then the directory server is required.

Dan Neuman
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