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VE3 is here!

It rocks. -cfk
View Editor is a great tool developed by Steve Sawyer and now enhanced by Rick Schummer. We need to encourage him to continue development. This is the SQL View editor we all wished VFP had bundled with it in the first place.

View Editor 3.6 Officially Released 12/13/2005.

Latest free and professional versions available at the
White Light Computing, Inc Web site.
2.0.27 - VFP 6 version (
2.5.27 - VFP 7 version (

Version 3.5 is the Professional version which is a complete rewrite of the 2.x version and is enhanced significantly. You can download the Help file from the White Light Computing Web site to check out all the new functionality.

All bug reports and enhancement requests can be sent directly to
My only request would be that it support variable references outside of the WHERE clause.

VFP supports view parameters in the JOIN conditions for local views only, but does not support other forms of variable references. Haven't played with the TOP n issue yet, but I will definitely be trying to provide as much flexibility as possible along thse lines (along with configuration options) in Version 3 which is under development (well, at least in my head, but that's better than nuthin') - Steve Sawyer

It would be also be great if View Editor could support initializing variables to deal with the fact that VFP prompts for parameter values in nested views even though the "parent" view is opened NODATA - William Fields
It does. CFK
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