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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Virtual Earth is a product produced by Microsoft to counter the growth of Google Earth.

A small demonstration interface using VFP including source code can be found on my blog at:

Dave Crozier

Billed as "...the integrated mapping, imaging, search, and data visualization platform", Microsoft's Virtual Earth (VE) is an awesome mapping service that can be consumed and manipulated using the VE Map contol and Java Script. In order to get a feel for what VE is capabable of, head on over to the VE Interactive SDK and try some of the examples provided:

A FREE, full featured, wrapper class library (virtualearth.vcx) is available on the SPS Weblog:,guid,aeeb57dc-dab4-41d0-9748-5ef40a39757c.aspx

The virtualearth.vcx class library supports the VE Map Control version 6.2 including all of the classes and enumerations listed on the MSDN site here:

-- Craig SBoyd
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