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The domain VFUG.ORG has apparently expired; currently (Mar 2017) it leads to a German language website that seems to have no FoxPro content.

The Virtual Foxpro User Group

VFUG is an international FoxPro user group on line around the clock, 7 days a-week. Membership is 40,000+ as of 12/14/2004.

VFUG is a not for profit organization for FoxPro and Visual FoxPro enthusiasts. A place to exchange views/info/tips. A place where you can find answers to your questions from FoxPro experts and developers from all over the world. VFUG empowers the FoxPro community and serves as a repository for FoxPro "know-how". A free monthly newsletter is available online and as e-mail. Back issues are all freely available online. VFUG also supports a List Server, File Archive, and online threaded message Forum. VFUG also offers a freely downloadable VFP9 application (known as VIM-- VFUG Instant Messenger) that allows you to not only get to the Message Forum online without a browser, but this app also allows you to participate in Thursday weekly chats with other VFUG members.

Operations Manager : Tom OHare
Technical Manager : Arnon Gal - Oz
Marketing Manager & PR : Carl JWarner
Technical Questions : John PChambers
Web Manager : Colin Keeler
Newsletter : Barbara Paltiel

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