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Sept 15, 1999:

Microsoft on Wednesday bought visualization software and network diagramming tools vendor Visio in a stock swap worth $1.3 billion.

Seattle-based Visio will become the Visio Division in Microsoft's Business Productivity Group, which is led by Bob Muglia.

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Visio is my all time favorite graphics package, and the latest version has some impressive Object Modeling capabilities. Visio is also the best OLE citizen I've ever come across. I've never been able to crash visio in the five years I've owned various versions.-- Steven Black
Amen, and they even document their object model. In fact they've done this since before I knew what an object model was. -- Randy Pearson
I agree, great product. Let's hope it continues to be. Aside from being a great graphics package, it has also served as a learning tool (for me). I'd say VISIO was the application that helped me most to understand the power of object oriented design. -- Lauren Clarke
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