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Visio Enterprise is a diagramming product and design tool published by Visio Corporation.

now owned by Microsoft: Microsoft Visio 2000
Visio 2000 Enterprise has shipped.

Excerpted from the press release:

  • Database Workgroup Collaboration. Enterprise Edition now supports multiple-document models so team members can divide, share and reuse database designs.
  • Business Rules-based Database Design. With Enterprise Edition, IT and business analysts and database professionals can work closely with end users to capture the business rules that describe an application domain without worrying about implementation details.
  • Advanced UML Support. Enterprise Edition supports all eight Unified Modeling Language (UML) 1.2 diagram types so users can create complete system models diagram application functions, user input, interfaces, and other design details in using this emerging standard.
  • Reverse and Forward Engineering of Code. They can Visualize the design architecture of existing systems by reverse engineering source code from Microsoft Visual StudioBasic, Visual C++ and now Visual J++ projects. They can also decrease development time by generating fully customizable code skeletons for Visual Basic, C++ and Java from UML class diagrams.
    Now that they own Visio, maybe Microsoft will include Visio Enterprise in the MSDN Universal (and Professional) package? Wishful thinking... -- Randy P
    Visio Standard is going to part of Office. I'm not sure what their plans are for Professional and Enterprise. -- ?jMM
    Visio Enterprise Edition is shipped with the Universal Subscription but I'm not sure about the Professional Subscrition. -- John Martin
    How is it for documenting Use Cases? Does it handle State Diagrams? I'm not interested in features like reverse engineering of VB projects and the like. -- Randy P

    Visio Enterprise supports the following sorts of diagrams: Activity Diagram, Collaboration Diagram, Component Diagram, Deployment Diagram, Sequence Diagram, Statechart Diagram, Static Structure Diagram and Use Case Diagram. jMM
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