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Visual Basic (VB) is a general purpose language from Microsoft. It is object aware but not Object Oriented as Visual FoxPro or VC++ (Visual CPlus Plus).

Learn Visual Basic - Free tutorial with examples and source code.

Visual Basic 6 (VB6) tutorials and source code samples
Visual Basic.NET is object oriented.
Visual Basic is bundled into Visual Studio.
Cetus Links has an excellent links collection for Visual Basic at
CNET: Visual Basic Usage Slipping
But, I contend that Visual Foxpro usage is increasing... I watch forums like Tek Tips ForumsOffsite link to
that monitors n number of messages since a certain date. Visual Foxpro messages have been gaining on VB overall in the past year or so. -- Randy Jean

Couldn't this be due to the fact that the VFP community is very supportive and developers more likely to post to a community website without feeling like they'll be flamed ? -- Jamie Osborn
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