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Visual FoxExpress Formatting Grids

Namespace: VB

VFE includes options that allow a grid to be included in a form. If the column count for the grid is 0 when the grid is instantiated then VFE goes to the data dictionary and adds a column to the grid for each field in the underlying business object that has a grid caption. Fields can therefore be excluded from the grid by removing their grid caption property from the data dictionary.

VFE also provides a grid builder to specify which fields are included in the grid. Using the grid builder provides the developer with more control over what's in the grid. The grid builder allows the developer to select the fields to be included in the grid as well as the order of the fields and various other options. To access the grid builder, select the grid, rightclick and then choose builder from the shortcut menu.

Grids in VFE are, of course, standard VFP grids, so they can also be customized just like any other VFP grid.

The grid that is displayed in a separate form when List is chosen from the menu or toolbar can be controlled in several ways.
  • The Grid Caption property in the data dictionary can be cleared for fields that should not be displayed in the grid,
  • The cListFields property of the presentation object can be set to a comma delimited list of fields to be included in the grid,
  • The list method itself can of course be customized or
  • The cListClass property can be set to a custom class name. Mike Feltman
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