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Visual FoxExpress Interface

Namespace: VFP

Contrary to what our competitors say, Visual FoxExpress is not an application generator! Application generators typically walk the user through a series of choices and then spit out reams of code. In most cases, once generated code has been modified, the application generator cannot be used without overwriting changes. None of these things are true about Visual FoxExpress. In fact, Visual FoxExpress does not generate code at all. Visual FoxExpress creates standard VFP projects and classes. Developers can move freely between the Visual FoxExpress interface and the VFP project manager and make changes without worrying about whether or not Visual FoxExpress will overwrite their code or that after they've made changes they won't be able to use Visual FoxExpress on their project any longer. Visual FoxExpress works directly with the VFP project object and keeps no additional meta data about the contents of projects. Visual FoxExpress and the VFP Project Manager are always in sync.

What the Visual FoxExpress interface does do is automatically create VFP projects and provides wizards that automate what would otherwise be complex development tasks. Visual FoxExpress includes the largest collection of wizards available for VFP. What's even better about the Visual FoxExpress wizards is that they don't just create individual components that you have to tie together yourself, the wizards take care of including everything they create into an application.
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