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VFESCXvs VCX - explains using a form instead of a form class in a VFE app to work around some VFP problems.

VFEExtending The Abstract Factory

Using the Vfp Debugger and being aware of Vfp Debugger Problems while running VFE apps.

Vfe Auto Bar - Run forms without rebuilding the project (menu). Ver2.0 "runs" Presentation Objects

Vfe Pri Key - sets all of the primary keys in your database to do the vfenewkey() thing.

VFESpeeding Up Data Dictionary Loading

VFESpeeding Up To Launch VFE - Do you start VFE many times per day? This is how to start different projects easily.

VFEo Cursor XXX - tip to handle several cursor objects per business object.

Vfe Menu Mod - Makes the menu more tolerent to an aborting app.

VFE 6 Date Text Box - Entering dates using the ActiveX calendar control.

See VFEThread Watch

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