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A place for high-level links to all things Visual FoxPro, a Microsoft development tool .

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Topics about Visual FoxPro generally.
Visual FoxPro Description
VFP Conferences
User Groups
Visual FoxPro Links
Where To Find Downloadable VFP Samples
Where To Find Sample Apps


Topics about development in Visual FoxPro
Category VFP IDE
Category Third Party Products
Category Frameworks
Category VFP Debugger
Category VFP Functions
Category User Interface
Category VFP Commands
String Handling
VFP Rookie Mistakes
Testing Approaches with Visual FoxPro
Big System Development With Visual FoxPro


How Visual FoxPro works internally.
Category VFP Meta Data
Visual FoxPro Invocation Stack
Class Browser Source Code
Class Designer
Component Gallery
VFP Command Line Parameters
OO for Beginners


Details on working with Visual FoxPro
Visual FoxPro IDE
Visual FoxPro SQL
Low Level File Functions


Good VFP Books
VFP Books Online
Category Books - VFP


Topics about the history of Visual FoxPro.
Visual FoxPro versions
Writing The History of FoxPro
Visual FoxPro 6 Official Bug List

Category Development Tools

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