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professional essay writers from the Fox's mouth from the Fox's mouth II (Milind Lele's Letters) a Language Reference"What's new in the Visual FoxPro Community". A news site updated several times a week. RSS feed available. Allows sign-up to become a news provider, postings are moderated Integrated Marketing Solutions.
* Foxite is a fairly high traffic message board which you can read without registering (look for "article-index" and "archive-index" links). Posting requires free registration.
"Foxite is a one stop site to obtain answers to Frequently Asked Questions custom shot glasses as well as more complicated questions about Visual FoxPro as well as older versions of FoxPro. The Foxite is monitored by experts, with a proven track record in development using FoxPro and Visual FoxPro. Therefore you know that you're getting the correct answers to your questions."
* A VFP support forum written in VFP
* threaded discussion of VFP and other Microsoft development products. Sign in with any of several names inclduing AOL IM.
http://www.takenote.comfor hands-on VFP training and Fox Audit Transaction logging and audit trail utility Lewis's site. VFP training courses and consultancy. Also lots of technical articles, FAQs, downloads and VFP book reviews. 20070606 - link updated
http://www.west-wind.comhome of webconnect, www info, downloads
* and VFP support board
http://www.stevenblack.comSteven Black is the host of the FoxPro Wiki, this is his professional site. Note the "Moreover" column on the right for free stuff like articles and downloads. Also note the "VFP issues" on the left nav-bar. Site contains lots of information regarding internationalization and Mr. Black's INTL package.
http://www.craigberntson.comCraigBerntson 's Tech articles, magazine, and book suggestions links, tips, books links, downloads developer downloads, plus lots of links to other VFP sites Developers Group - topics of current interest, links to other sites
http://www.hentzenwerke.comHentzenwerke Corporation - Galactic Headquarters - Consulting, book publishing
* http://www.vfug.orgThe Virtual Foxpro User Group - a free resource, with an online Message Forum, a list server, free newsletters (e-mailed directly to you, if you choose) and newsletter archives, downloadable files, on-line FAQ, tips & tricks, available positions, etc.
http://www.jamesbooth.comJames Booth's web site with white papers on data, OOP, and user interfaces. Also contains information about the books he co-authored or did technical editing on.
* http://leafe.comEd's site contains numerous freeware FoxPro downloads including the FoxPro Wiki in .HTML and .CFM formats. Site also contains signup information for the ProFox mailing lists and several forums Barbara Peisch newly revamped web site Alex Feldstein's FAQ Alex Feldstein's FAQ in Spanish
* http://www.f1tech.comF1 Technologies Web Site. Home of Visual FoxExpress, FoxExpress Support Conferences, DOCVCX (public domain class documenting tool). North American Distributor of xCase
http://www.theproblemsolver.nlMaurice de Beijer's homepage with Frame Work and tools downloads� Constant's VFP web site. Mostly in French. Areas of interest for English speaking people are download, links and tools that I recommend. Also has a Spanish section. Links for VFP environments) Cetus links maitains an extensive list of links for VFP and many other OO environments as well
http://www.stonefield.comStonefield Systems Group Web site. Maker of Stonefield Database Toolkit, Stonefield Query, and Stonefield Reports. Technical papers on various VFP topics
* http://www.portalfox.comPablo Roca's Free Visual Foxpro Portal (Spanish).

PortalFox has become the larger and most frequently used online resource for VFP programmers in Spanish.

There are Portal Fox Groups in many countries of Latinamerica and Spain.
* http://www.fpress.comA spanish newsletter, forum and resources center for VFP.
* Maxframe Professional support board
http://www.advantagesystems.bizVisual Foxpro and SQL Server Programming
* The last mirror of the legendary wOOdy 's FoxPro archives
#New# Home of wOOdy 's VFP-Runtime installers and some other tools' home page. Items of interest are the VFP links, and the publications (where Andrew's Fox Talk articles are archived)
http://www.leadassoc.comProvides training in VFP along with other developer tools.
http://www.davphantom.cjb.netLa Web de Davphantom... Uno de los mas grandes portales de habla Hispana de VFP ... La cual mantiene David Amador Tapia.... Hace algunos dias fue publicada la primera edicion de E@Zorro... La Ocasi�n para hablar de Fox, la primera edicion de un buen boletin electronico ... puede ser consultado en
* online forum. Home page of UK Developer User Group. Was the Fox User Group and still concentrates on Fox and VFP.
* German online forum with German an English section for Visual Extend Homepage of the German FoxPro user group DFp UG including program of DevCon Germany Sharepoint portal for german and partially english documents regarding FoxPro and home of German, French and Czech user interfaces for FoxPro - more details at Deutschsprachige Foxpro User Group Portal FRX2Any home. FRX2Any is a Visual FoxPro report converter. The currently supported output formats are PDF, DOC, RTF, XLS, HTML, MHT, XML, XML Spread Sheet, BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF, and TIFF.
http://www.tedroche.comTed Roche's site: white papers, RSS information and contact information Visual FoxPro site in Serbian
(New - June 2006) Russian VFP forum
(New - June 2006) Yuri Shutenko VFP related site (in Russian and English) Michael Drozdov's site about Microsoft� Visual Foxpro: News, FAQ, Examples and utilities, Presentations, Links FoxPro KB article archive Some VFP code samples and other stuff Articles, links and thoughts
(New - May 2006) Hobby Music Sequencer written in FoxPro 2.6 - Description and Screenshots
(New - June 2007) Tools for FoxPro developers
(New - September 2010) Free libraries for FoxPro developers
(October 2010) Report and Query Engine. Visual Rep is a query and reporting tool for developers and end users alike. It is TWO products in ONE: A stand alone Ad Hoc report writer which can run by the end user from the computer desktop, or within an application. An Object model for developers allowing them to easily integrate their application and run Queries and Reports.

See Also White Paper Directory

Not specific to VFP, but good for VFPers: - COMPLETE OBJECT MODEL REFERENCES: Excel, Word, Front Page, Access, Outlook, OfficeMisc, DHTML, XML. Plus 120 other links.
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