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Visual FoxPro Starter Kit

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As you surely know, .NET comes with 'starter kits' for VB.NET, ASP.NET and so on. I am thinking a starter kit for VFP will be great for new users. Let's make some plans for it here, and maybe we'll develop it afterwards. Grigore Dolghin
I concur. and? moving forward ? A VFP starter kit could be made available for download at TechRepublic, who will then send out more VFP 'stuff' to their HUGE subscriber base every two weeks.
What are your thoughts? William Sanders
1. Self extracting installation kit
2. A directory structure that would contain example code, heavily commented, for each basic functionality.
2.1. Hello, Visual FoxPro World!
2.2. Variable declaration and usage
2.3. Tables
2.4. and so on. Let me think about it.
[2004.07.06] Just a short question: Isn't 'DO HOME(2) + "solution\solution"' enough as starter kit?
And second VFP is shipped with source code of all additional tools (s.
Don't get me wrong but actually it's not a problem with FoxPro itself. -- JoKi
In my oppinion no. It's a collection of classes, some of them very good, but they are building blocks. You must be familiar with OOP concepts to use them. To tell you the truth, I still don't know what SetObjRef.prg is and why it is used. :)
Please try to look at them with a newcomer's eyes. Would you understand them? Grigore Dolghin
Although, a clickable link from VFP help to a solution example/sample might be an idea worth looking into. Indeed, a lot of MSDN code example/samples could be linked in too. Grady McCue

True, lots of things I've learned came from those blessed example/samples! BTW, I'm still a newcomer, and keep getting helpfull information from there. - Fernando Alvares
The problem with a 'starter kit' is that not everyone is starting from the same place. For those who have some VB6 experience, a good place to start might be
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