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Visual Interdev is a web development tool from Microsoft. It uses Active Server Pages as its primary platform.

It includes an HTML editor, a debugger, a properties page. It understands Vb Script and Java Script.
It is part of Visual Studio 97 and Visual Studio 6

Its home site is at:
Visual Interdev ceases to exist in VS.Net.
Where'd you get that from?
Active Web Developer magazine, July 2000 edition, among other places.
It becomes part of the VS.Net IDE <= This is true. It doesn't dissappear, it just becomes the IDE for all the .Net languages (including VFP if you want. fj)

Visual Inter Dev will not exist as its own product once Visual Studio.Net ships. -- Craig Berntson
Sheesh, it doesn't exist. The new VS IDE looks like VisualInterdevs, yeah. VFP6's IDE looks alot like FPW2x's, are you gonna tell me FPW is still here? -- Mike Helland
See: Visual Useless Inter Dev, No IDont Ever Want To Debug Damn It
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