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Visual Max Frame Professional (VMP) is an Object - Oriented application Frame Work for Visual FoxPro 5, 6, 7, 8, and (of course) VFP 9 applications. Link dead October 2018
Online Support is at: Visual Maxframe support board Link dead October 2018

**It seems that Vision Pace is out of business.**
Latest version is VMP(2014.02.17.03) released 21 March 2014
[2007.03.31] On April 6, 2006, Art Bergquist took over maintenance of VMP and, since then, has posted numerous bug fixes and enhancements.
[2005.11.11] I have seen questions on the future of VMP. As per my experience as a very satisfied customer, I can attest that the quality of support on the VMP board is superb and continues to help daily since Drew's passing.

As per future development/enhancements, Vision Pace has not yet decided. Russ has personally met with users at the last SWFox Conference and has said he'll continue talking to the user community before deciding what to do going forward. Even without Drew and even if they ever decide to stop future development, VMP is still a great product that I would not hesitate to purchase today. It has more features than I'll ever need as it is already. -- Alex Feldstein
Visionpace is now offering online update and user group meetings for VMP users, craftily called Webinars. The presentation and audio is recorded and can be played back at a later time (obviously minus the benefit of live interaction that the original offers). Visual Maxframe Webinar Info
Max Teach was also offered after the GLGDW in October 2003.
Also at GLGDW 2003: VMP user group meeting with .... beer and pizza!
Drew Speedie was in the Midwest in August 2002 doing presentations and training at the Grand Rapids, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois users groups.
Drew Speedie spoke at the 4 Southern California FoxPro User Groups the 2nd week of May, 2002. At VWFox and OCFox, he will be making a VMP 2002 presentation. VWFox, May 13, LAFox, May 14, OCFox, May 15, SDFox, May 16
In conjunction with his SoCal VFP User Group presentations in May 2002 (see above), Drew Speedie will be teaching a 3-day VMP 2002 class in Orange County, CA. The So Cal VFP User Groups have arranged for a significant discount for active User Group members.
At the Essential Fox VFP conference in Kansas City in April 2002, VDSI hosted an informal VMP developers' meeting/get-together.

In conjunction with the Essential Fox VFP conference in Kansas City in April 2002, VDSI will host a Max Teach and Max Start one-day workshop for intermediate and beginner VMP developers, respectively. Max Teach and Max Start events will be held on Tuesday April 30, the day after the conference.
VMP 2002 was released February 4, 2002, featuring explicit support for n-Tier applications. VMP business objects support the use of VFP cursors in desktop applications.
VMP was acquired on approx. May 6, 2001 by Visionpace (formerly Vision Data Solutions, Inc.).
There is a version 5 now as of 9/29/2000 too. And a version '6' with special emphasis on middle tier features is in the works. (Released as VMP2002.)
On May 15, 2000, VMP won the Developers' Choice Award for Best VFP Application Framework at the DevConnections Visual FoxPro Conference held in New Orleans.
Max Teach was also offered at the Miami DevCon in 2000.
On August 26, 1999, in conjunction with the 3rd Annual Southern California Visual FoxPro Conference, the first ever one-day conference for VMP developers was held.

Max Teach was a success. Drew Speedie was the main speaker, assisted by seasoned Visual Max Frame Professional developers Art Bergquist and Larry Miller. New features of version 4.0, plus two new developer's utilities and a host of new examples were shown.
Version 4.0 was released on 6/4/99, and contained many new features, most notably a comprehensive user security system that allows any form, control, menu item, program, etc. to be secured relative to the current user via group membership and manual override.
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