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A place to wax poetic about Visual Maxframe. See also Visual Max Frame Professional Consultants.

Bryan Palmer - The Visual Maxframe Professional framework has allowed me to put together a full structured application for a friend's business, and has allowed me to easily maintain and expand the feature set as required. I'm a network administrator, with no formal training in programming, or in VFP specifically. I've spent the last 10 years dealing with old dbase code, which I've managed to learn pretty extensively, and once introduced to VFP, fell in love with it. I've looked around at other frameworks to help me convert my friend's old dbase/dos app to a full windows app, but only VMP has given me the tools, and continuing support I needed to make this full transition, and complete a fully professional windows application for his business needs. I could not have done this without VMP, and Drew Speedie, and the folks on the support boards!

Paul Treble - I am only too happy to provide a testimonial to VMP. I first started using VMP some years ago when I needed to move from FPW 2.6 to VFP6. I had read about object orientation and event driven programming and knew that (for me at least) there would be a steep learning curve ahead. I also looked at VMP and decided that the look and feel of the apps produced was what I was looking for. Since then I have completed some 7 or 8 applications all of which work reliably and are easy to maintain and update. These range from relatively simple apps working on FoxPro data to rather more complicated ones using n-tier technology with SQL Server back ends. The support received throughout from Drew Speedie and the team at Visionpace has been first class. It is rare for any issue to remain unresolved for more than 24 hours! A great product, thoroughly recommended!

Jill Derickson - I started using VMP about a year ago and am SO happy that I did. I had previously attempted to use another VFP Framework (which shall remain nameless), but had too much trouble blending it w/the way I wanted to do things. VMP is there to help me, but rarely gets in my way. Often I think about something I need to do, and then discover that VMP offers a clean way to accomplish the task. The people on the message board, and especially Drew Speedie, have been responsive and helpful (and patient). I feel that I've learned so much, about VFP and good practices, by using VMP. I implemented my first project fairly quickly and my client is thrilled. I'm working on my second (much larger) project now and I'll never start another project w/out VMP!

Dick Wade - I chose VMP three years ago at the first Essential Fox Conference in Kansas City primarily for two reasons. First, it did not impose a particular appearance on my forms. Second, and probably the most important to me, was the documentation via the "zreadme(s)" located in the classes you develop with making using VMP classes much easier. VMP provides me with all the tools I could want for development and for a developer. I was able to create applications using the framework within the first two weeks of owning it by simply following the provided tutorials. The support via the Message Board has been very responsive and helpful. VMP (and Drew Speedie) have made my transition from a Clipper background to the current version of VFP (9.0 beta) easier than I thought it would be. I would highly recommend the Visual Max Frame Professional to any independent or in-house developer. You get a lot of value for the money!

Peter Crabtree - I started using VMP in approximately late 2002. It was my first VFP framework, The experiance has been great. I believe I've encountered framework bugs perhaps four times - every time, the bugs were resolved quickly (less than two days). Drew has been very responsive with submitted features, and VMP has saved untold amounts of headaches with it's preexisting features. I find something in VMP that helps me nearly every time I look - sometimes it takes a little while to find, but inevitably, I save more time than I lost, and from then on, I save even more time. Simply a wonderful product.
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