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Visual Modeler is included in Visual Studio. It is a rather primitive and limited modeling tool.
A sad, crippled version of Rational Rose. Visual Modeler is unsuitable, in my opinion, for serious ObjectOrientedModeling. Get Rational Rose, or use pencil and paper.-- Steven Black

I couldn't agree more. Visual Modeler was designed for Visual Basic programmers in mind. However, it supports features such as inheritance (which sure is great for VB programmers ;) ) but no Sequence Diagram s. That's a rather bad combination, I'd say. My recommendation: Get Rational Rose! -- MarkusEgger
I have to say that VM is not a bad tool at all and would be better if it supported VFP directly, as it does VB. Strangely, the tiered model pushed by RR and VM seem to point more towards VFP anyway. --- John Koziol

The tiered model isn't 'pushed' by Visual Modeler. It's simply a default view that's set up, which can (and arguably should) be reset to normal.-- Steven Black

Some of us poorer developers have to use some sort of Visual Modeler and ERWin combination as Rational Rose is expensive. I agree that Visual Modeler is limited but it's better than nothing. Have any of you ever looked at Visual Analyst? I'm having to learn it for a project (it's a client standard) and I'm somewhat impressed. -- John Koziol
Hey anybody use the new VFP6 beta Visual Modeler Wizards yet? -- Rox
Well I guess not... I gave up my Visio habits recently and used VM instead. Word of caution to anyone who tries to use the beta wizards, the install program tells you to be sure and review the readme file. I didnt see a "readme" file so figured it meant the Windows Help file and went full steam ahead. Now I found out the "readme" stuff is in vfpmodel.htm - yeeeeeeooooowch!

No wonder the help file is rather limited, everything you really need to know is vfpmodel.htm with one exception: Visual Modeler's IDE does not give you the ability the specify a new default property file as decribed in the readme info. This has to be done through a registry setting...

I have made that registry change but I can't see within VM how to create a class based on one of the VFP baseclasses or one of my classes. Does anybody know how to do this or suggest a better tool to use with VFP? Ideally freeware or cheap. Darren Woodford

I'm using Sybase PowerDesigner , i dont know if its good or not but it helping me much


fabFORCE DBDesigner 4 - an open source database schema modeler (ER only)

ArgoUML - open source UML modeling tool

-- David Fung
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