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Here's a quote from their home page: (see for more)

VPM Enterprise Edition
VPM Enterprise is the flagship edition of the Pro Matrix frameworks line, and is the state-of-the-art framework for Visual FoxPro. VPME allows you to create VFP applications ranging from (1) simple VFP applications using local tables to (2) sophisticated mission-critical, n-tier, client-server applications with SQL Server, Oracle, etc. back ends. VPME gives your applications tools and features found in only the most professional database applications.

Standard Edition
VPM Standard allows you to create simple or sophisticated applications using local tables and views. VPM Standard provides a Pro Matrix framework that every VFP developer can afford. VPM Standard is a great way to get started with Visual Pro Matrix. VPM Standard provides more tools and features than any VFP framework in its class.

Now There's a Visual Pro Matrix Edition for Every FoxPro Developer

Whether you need to create simple applications using local tables or mission-critical, n-tier, client-server applications that access remote data (for example, SQL Server, Oracle), there's a Visual Pro Matrix Edition that fits your needs. Visit the VPM Editions Comparison Chart (on their website) to see which of the VPM Editions fits you best.

Both share the same foundation. The differences are (1) in the tools provided for application development and (2) in the tools and features provided in the end applications they create.
It looks to me like the main difference is that the standard edition cannot create n-tier or client/server applications.
If at all possible, avoid letting them get your email address. I receive unsolicited email from Pro Matrix about once a week, and they currently don't offer an opt-out option anywhere. I find this irritating in the extreme. -- Mike Potjer
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