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Visual Rep - Report And Query Engine

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

The Visual Rep is a query and reporting tool for developers and end users alike. It is TWO products in ONE:

The object model for developers allowing them to easily run Queries and Reports.
A stand alone application which can be run by the end user from the computer desktop, or within an application. It offers a broad range of features, including access to the most popular databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, Visual FoxPro DBC, DBCX Visual Pro Matrix Data dictionary and MS Access. Visual Rep reads all data dictionary metadata directly from the specified Database, such as tables, relations, fields name, field formats and captions. You can generate a report with the following outputs:

PDF, HTML,Word, Excel, XML, Text and Dbf file. For the PDF file there is no need to install the Adobe Acrobat. It could be the report writer of your choice.

Visual Rep's powerful Wizards will guide you step by step through creating a report or a query.

Visual Rep has a multilingual capability, and your reports and queries can run in more than one language with no programming required by you. It has a Multi Lingual manager which enables you to translate any string to any language needed. It can run in Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian and other languages are on the on the work such as Dutch and German.

It works also with mssql 2008, ms access and oracle database.

You can try Visual Rep for 30 days at:
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