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Visual Studio 6 Service Pack 4

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Here's a link to the below article on

Nathan Harris

Here's a great article by Rick Hodder which details bug fixes and improvements to VFP.
If after installation you continue seeing a little setup window popup at each reboot, the install has left droppings in the registry. Remove this item:

Use of the BITMAP=OFF config.fpw setting makes timer based animation less smooth on a normal machine. It introduces more flashing and jerkiness in the animation. So...

Some questions:
1 - Does the new BITMAP=OFF config.fpw setting improve performance under Citrix Winframe?
2 - Is there no corresponding SET BITMAP OFF command?
3 - How can we have the EXE determine if its running on Winframe and adapt itself to the environment (if 1 and 2 are both true)?

How about just using a different config on Citrix machines?

Mike Yearwood

Visual Studio 6 Service Pack 4 now defaults to GENERAL collating! (it seems...)

1) After installing Visual Studio 6 Service Pack 4 my collating sequence was changed from Machine to General, leading to all the hard-to-trace associated problems; However, I have been unable to reproduce the problem by re-installing the service pack. Did anyone else have a similar experience? - wgcs
2) I ran into a problem with SP4, and found the fix. To generalize, I had a form that was originally compiled under SP3. This morning I needed to do some work with it and found that if the Debugger was open when the form was run, VFP crashed. After doing some playing around (including re-compiling) I found that, for some reason the problem was with the resource file. After zapping it, everything was fine again. - George Tasker

Ok - so if I install SP4 on my development machine - will I have to install the updated runtime modules on the client machines [my logic says yes, but I'm asking more for input and scurrulous remarks than anything else] IF I don't put out a new version with SP4 ?

Only if you need the new functionality.

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