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See Visual Studio Net for the latest hype about the next generation of Visual Studio
There is an interesting article by Steve Ballmer, President of Microsoft, on the Visual Studio site titled "Next Generation". It shows a limited preview of the new Visual Basic release (VB 7?).

It is interesting to note that it will contain "Web Forms / Web Classes" (maybe they are adding Visual Inter Dev to VB's IDE?), "Web Services and XML", etc.
Robert Green posted the following message on the UT:
Several of you have wondered about this statement on the Web Forms page on MSDN (

"In the next release of Visual Studio, all the language products share the same Web technologies. Regardless of whether you choose Visual Basic or Visual C++, the product functionality is the same. Therefore, you can choose your favorite language to build Web Forms further increasing productivity."

Where is VFP you ask? Web Forms are a User Interface designer and we can't at this time make a blanket promise that VFP will have the same functionality as VB and VC for Web Forms, or for Windows forms for that matter. We will do what we can, but it is too early to say what that will be.

I can guarantee that you will be able to make great Web Services in VFP, just as you can make great COM components today. You can think of Web Services as components that run on the Web, not just on a network. They take in XML, they do some work, they return XML. And VFP will have great support for building and consuming Web Services.

Hope this clarifies things a bit.

The article says that VB will finally have "Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism and Free Threading". Sounds Cool!
VB is getting a ton of stuff from Java/C++ for example try/catch, method overloading.
PC Week Article: Microsoft delays next version of Visual Studio (until 2001),4153,2437771,00.html
As a funny aside, you may notice that in one of the screen shots they show a folder named "Visual Foxpro Projects".

See it here:
The announcements state that ALL of the languages in Visual Studio can be used to create Web Forms and Web Services -- this includes Visual Foxpro. And note that there is NOT a Visual J++.
Here is the image for your viewing pleasure:

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