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Visual UML is written by Visual Object Modelers, Inc.
The current version is 5.2

CodeGeneration and Reverse Engineering for VFP are no longer available in Visual UML. There used to be a VFP interface written by MarkusEgger of EPS-Software. The VFP interface for Visual UML is supported up to version 3.x. Unfortunately, they never got the opportunity to create the integration for V4.x, due to a lack of interest in the community.

It would appear that there is no longer a product on the market that can generate VFP code from UML diagrams or vice versa.
Visual UMLŽ supports UML 2.0 through the addition of support for the following UML 2.0 diagram types: Activity, Communication, Interaction Overview and State Machine diagrams. Plus, Package and Object diagrams in addition to the standard UML 1.x diagram types and support for Frames, Ports, Provided and Required Interfaces, etc. Plus, improved support for Profiles, Stereotypes, Tagged Values, Constraints, etc.
Visual UML supports the following OMG UML 1.3 diagram types:
Trial Version can be downloaded from:
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