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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
dBase, dBase II, dBase III, dBase III+, dBase IV
Developed by Ashton Tate around 1980?
Sold to Borland around 1990 (+/- 5 years?)
Borland became Inprise
Inprise sold it to KSoft.

Visual DBase is similar to Visual FoxPro since they share the same pedigree.
This statement showed up in the newsgroup, and was debunked as advertizing of vaporware; However I don't believe it should be pushed aside so quickly: Being ignorant of other similar tools won't help make one (or by asking for improvements, one's tool) better. Anyway, here it is:

In, CEO A.A. Katx of dBaseInc, wrote some nasty things about VFP. The text is below. Maybe some of you want to react at that newsgroup to balance the discussion a little in favor of VFP.

Jan Vente

>dB2K has gone way beyond VFP.

>1) Dynamic External Objects (they use ActiveX, which is not
>dynamic or shareable without complex and expensive middleware)

>2) Web capabilities go way beyond Fox.

>3) dQuery/Web: One-Click Web Apps, One-Click Windows Apps,
>no-Click Reports

>4) Language much more powerful. Arrays, strings, dates, etc. are
>all classes in dB2K, only Primitives in Fox.

>5) Two-way-tools - a real old-fashioned Source Code file. Fox
>lets you do that too, but then you can't use the Visual Tools.

>6) Native connections to Sybase, Interbase, Informix, AS400, etc.
>Fox uses ODBC.

>7) Linux version on the boards (definitely NOT for VFp!! unless
>Gates completely changes his strategy)

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