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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Vector Markup Language, part of a working proposal to add vector graphics to the Web via an XML namespace. Currently supported only in IE5. Can be generated via XSL template from XML.

And heeeere's the golden egg. Too bad Net Scape doesn't lay these. - ?lc

Also, there is a (similar?) standard called SVG described here:

SvG appears to be the "official" sanctioned vector markup language which I don't think has a supported driver yet... Kinda like the detour we're taking with Xs L when Xsl T is the "official" standard (with little real support so far...) - Steve Lackey
Are you surprised that Netscape does not support this as Microsoft is forcing the environment, sorry just being cynical.

Also, had to download the "Plug-In" to get it to work, possible security issue at that point. Chris Johnson

VML is one of the installation options for IE5. If IE5 sees VML, and you didn't install it, you need to load the driver off the web. Anyone know how to do this from disk in case you don't have a proxy server handy?

What plug in? In what browser? AFAIK works fine in basic MSIE5, no plug in. And no, I'm not surprised, Netscape hasn't done anything interesting in 2 years.

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