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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Voodoo Web Controls are a set of VFP-based classes created by EPSSoftware for building Web applications. The idea (which is inspired by ASP.NET) is to provide a set of classes for use in web applications that behave very similar to the VFP base classes used to build Windows applications.

In other words, rather than creating one web page that displays a button and another that contains code that is to be fired in response to the click on the button, we provide a "WebButton" class that has a click event. The user does not have to worry about state, does not have to know any HTML, and does not have to worry about reading back information from the previous web page, and so forth.

One of the major problems with web pages is that it is very hard to provide standard controls. It wouldn't be very hard to use advanced HTML to create a fancy button class that looks just like a Whistler button. However, this is not practical because each individual button would be a lot of work and had to be coded individually. Voodoo, on the other hand, uses classes just like VFP's Windows forms. This means that one can easily create a new button class that behaves and looks different from typical web buttons.

Voodoo also provides advanced data handling. Voodoo controls can be bound to XML data as well as cursor and ADO based data. Voodoo features true bi-directional databinding, unlike ASP.NET, which can only render data for display, but cannot automatically bind updated data back into a database.

-- Dan LeClair
EPS, please tell us where we can buy the Voodoo t-shirts. They were really cool. - Evan Delay
If you are interested in a little more information on our new Voodoo Web Controls, we now have info up on our web site Samples are not live yet but will be in a couple more days. - JulieJolk
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