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Web Connect Setup

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
  1. Install VFP and VFP SP4
  2. Install either IISSetup or PWSSetup
  3. Download WConnect.exe -
  4. Run WConnect.exe - default of c:\wconnect is good, run setup.exe when finished
  5. The WC setup wizard and help should come up. Close the help file.
  6. Wc wizard step 1 - pick the webserver you installed above (IIS or PWS)
  7. go with the defaults for the rest of the WC wizard - hit finish.
  8. click on http://localhost/wconnect/ - you should get the Web Connect welcome page.

If you are running NTFS, you will need to set the rights to c:\temp\wc to allow full access by everyone. people running win9x or NT with Fat filesystems don't have to worry about this.
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