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Web Connection Versus ASP.NET

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ASP.NET is a very good web technology. Web application development is easier and faster compared to traditional ASP and it only keeps improving. I think that everybody can agree that ASP.NET is an improvement to existing technologies. However, there is an exceptional guy named Rick Strahl that knows a few things about web development and used his skills to develop his well known and time proven Web Connection framework. Web Connection is very stable, fast, not so hard to learn and has a lot of things to offer when it comes to RAD on the web platform. And this statement is even underestimated when you look into his new web page control framework with the new Web Connection 5.0 version. He brings the RAD of VS.NET togetter with the unique data power and small footprint of FoxPro enabeling the Fox developer to apply his Fox knowledge in the web area. Even knowing that we somehow and sometime will have to go the .NET way in the future, Web Connection 5.0 still gives me a lot of temptation to choose the FoxPro way of developing a web application. It is hard to choose when you know FoxPro and still have to learn .NET. What do you think ? Which platform would you choose or prefer and why ?

Learn and use both if possible or use fox mtdlls with ASP.NET(like in AVFP). I would agree there are distinct advantages to using VFP on the web.
If you have to learn something else, why does it have to be ASP.NET? There are many other web technologies out there besides ASP.NET. Many of them have longer track records, may be easier to use and learn, are cross-platform and rival or exceed ASP.NET in terms of power and functionality.
That's interesting - the main web dev languages I see besides ASP.NET(and ASP) are PHP, Java, and probably Cold Fusion with PHP the clear leader in popularity and Cold Fusion on the way down and Java not used as much for web development any more I believe?
That leaves ASP.NET and PHP as the front runners. From everything I've read, ASP.NET is faster and more scalable than PHP. I would think the dev environment(VS.NET) is better than anything on the PHP side, but, I haven't really studied it. To me it seems like PHP is mainly popular because it is probably the best of the anti-microsoft camp, but, not better than ASP.NET...
Have you looked at Ruby On Rails? I've read some good things about it but have not tried it myself since most of my work is still desktop client/server. -- Randy Jean
I think the new Web Connection with the Web Page Control Framework is really cool and cuts way down on development time. I think that goes for ASP.NET and with the .NET framework there are a lot of built-in controls that can make life a lot easier for a programmer. I've used PHP a little and it is useful and pretty easy to learn but I seem to have to go searching for PHP extensions to fill some of my needs whereas .NET seems to have more of the built-in classes that I need.
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