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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
A term used for software applications that are modified to have a web presence (i.e. they have a portal, or publish reports, or take orders over the Internet or Intranet).

You could also use this term for an application that uses the internet as its network to access a remote data store such as a newsreader.
Also, application that send or receive email could be considered web enabled, even though email has nothing to do with the web.

Maybe this is what "have a portal" means, but you can get even lazier to claim you have a web enabled app. A hyperlink on an about box for example, that takes you to a support page has been said to be "web enabled" as well. -- Mike Helland

Come on! We are stretching it a bit here, aren't we? -- Alex Feldstein

I'm just saying that it is done, apps with simple http: or mailto: links are adversized as Web Enabled. -- Mike Helland

Perhaps WebAware would be the better term for apps that do simple things (email, links to help, etc) and Web Enabled would be more appropriate for apps that integrate more substantially with the web. And WebBased could be reserved for apps like this wiki or others that use thick clients, but operate solely over the inter/intra net. Of course, definitions like these are meaningless to marketing departments... - lc
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