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Web Objects is a combination of a highly scalable web application server, along with a series of tools to enable developers to quickly and effectively develop web applications. It includes a series of object-oriented frameworks which handle 90% of the repetitive chores of creating and running an application on the web. It is also a mature tool, having been developed by NeXT nearly 10 years ago as an application framework, and subsequently extended to the web as the web became more important. Web Objects was originally written in Objective C, but the previous version, 4.5, supports Java as well. The current version (5.0) has been re-written in pure Ja Va.

Probably the most important and powerful framework is the Enterprise Objects Framework (EOF), which enables access to a wide variety of databases. It wraps data into a series of related classes, so that you never deal with records or columns; everything is an object! Parent-child data relationships become objects with arrays of references to other objects. The framework is smart enough to know that when you add a new child object and save, a new child record is written to the database, and the primary key of the parent record is automatically propagated to that record.

The Web Objects Application Server is a high-performance server that transparently handles state management, request handling, and UI interaction with client systems (such as browsers or Java clients); automatically load balances transactions from client systems; provides a high degree of availability through fault-tolerant operation, failure detection, and automatic recovery; manages transactions to data sources and business systems; and includes quick upscaling to support increasing—and sometimes unexpected—transaction loads.

You can get more information by visiting the Web Objects website at There is an online book about developing in Web Objects at, and a list of some high-profile Web Objects customers at
There is a Wiki for Web Objects! is an open source implementation project of Web Objects
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