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Web Server In FoxPro

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Typically, connecting FoxPro to Web requires setup and administration of three different systems:

1. Web server
2. CGI/ISAPI to FoxPro connector
3. Actual FoxPro program.

You find yourself wasting a lot of time to study, install and support different programs.


Eeva Webserver is a Word Wide Web server written in VFP 5/6. It serves http requests directly on TCP port 80. Webserver allows you to run your VFP programs on the Internet without installing a separate Web server.

1. Fast and simple.
Allows VFP code to serve http requests directly, without unnecessary overhead. No CGI/ISAPI converting and no external program running overhead.

2. Authenticate users directly using VFP tables.
Eeva Webserver has built-in http basic authorization support. User is name/pass entered from the standard built-in browser authorization dialog.

3. Expression evaluation in HTML pages
Webserver evaluates expressions between < %= ... % > markers and inserts the results into the page.

4. FoxPro code running
Webserver runs Code Block code between < %VFPSCRIPT ... % > . If code returns character string, this is inserted back into html page.

5. Method to retrieve a posted form variable using Request.Form(). Fast retrieval of all variables into a cursor using Request.aFormVars().

Eetasoft Eeva

This webserver is a part of the Eetasoft Eva accounting software Web Extensions. For more information about Eetasoft Eeva, visit
Required improvements

1. Multi threading: Connectionrequest call must instantiate a new winsocket object in new thread. Response class must be built as multi threaded object. This allows serving more users simultaneously.

2. SSL support. Add a SSL support, using or some ActiveX control, if it is possibly to find such.
Contact: email:
Webserver home page:

Latest release can be downloaded at

Common Questions.

Q1: It looks like this is a full web server running on port 80, correct? If so, I'm sure I'll need to stop IIS in order to use it.

A: If you have port 80 used, you can use another port. Uncomment a statement in form init:
WITH this.olecontrol1
  * .Protocol = 0
  .LocalPort = 81 && use some free port, in this example, 81

Also, you can change localport property directly in form

In browser, type http://localhost:81


You, eetasoft, have created a very powerfull application, I got it from the web and right now I am working on (in the idea).. And, works great. Congratulations!! I will start all of our web site using a very simple ADSL connection, Win98, eetasoft Webservice and finally our VFP !! Please, let me know any news. - Claudio Rola
Claudio, thank you for good words.
New tip: you can run a SSL secured connection using free stunnel at - Andrus Moor
Roman Segaud (email )
uses Eeva Webserver to create a commercical web sites.
The sample site is
Just wondering, I started to play with this server earlier this week. I would like to host several sites from my home machine. Can that be done with using eeva webserver? If so, how should I proceed? Boudewijn Lutgerink
[2006.07.27 01:53:06 PM GMT] Can the server form be created as a non visual class and be created as a service that always runs?
[2006.07.27 11:37:33 PM GMT] I used this excelent software a year ago to connect 4 handhelds to an ERP system, to register online, on-the-road sales... It worked smothly and flawless. The server was running ON TOP of the ERP System, and had full access to the ERP's internal functions and classes. Congratulations and I hope you keep improving it in the future. Victor Espina

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