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Web Service Deployment Checklist

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
An area to describe things that you should check when deploying web services.
  1. Ensure the browser on your web server isn't using a Proxy. (causes registration error with Problem accessing Listener URI).
  2. Ensure the same versions of SOAP are on both the test server and the production server.
  3. Ensure that your .WSDL file (which, after all, is just a text file) contains the correct IP address references. The deployed .WSDL file should not, for example, reference http://localhost, which it may if you manually copy the .WSDL from your test workstation to the web server.
  4. Upon error, SOAP will write an entry to the Windows Event Log, and the error message therein can give handy clues to resolving the problem.

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