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Namespace: WIN_COM_API

I have written several Web Services in VFP9. All have been tested and work fine on my LOCAL HOST (XP Machine).

Unfortunately, when I deploy them to our main IIS Server (Windows 2003) I cannot run any of them, I simply get the following error:

"Error: 1429 - OLE IDispatch exception code 0 from Client: Client: An unanticipated error occurred during processing of this request. HRESULT=0x800A13BE - Client: Sending the Soap message failed or no recognizable response was received HRESULT=0x800A13BE - Client: Unspecified client error."

Any help on this would be appreciated


If you don't have proper rights for account IUSR_machinename, web services will have problems running on a web server where they once worked on a local test server just fine.

Somewhat related, but certainly informative:
Improper NTFS Permissions May Result in IIS Failure

"The problem is the NTFS permissions. The Web master has allowed the IIS anonymous user account IUSR_ComputerName full access, but the web master has also explicitly denied the group Everyone. The IUSR_ComputerName account belongs to the group Everyone. An explicit deny always takes precedence over an allow, therefore no browser client can access the IIS server."

IIS Security Recommendations When You Use a UNC Share and Username and Password Credentials

"Even when proper permissions are set, Microsoft recommends that, in keeping with normal security recommendations, the user account that is used to access the share should have the fewest privileges possible. Specifically, Microsoft recommends that the account have the same permissions as the IUSR_Machinename account (Read and Execute). By following this recommendation, you ensure that even if a malicious user is able to run code on the server and gain the credentials used to access UNC shares, they cannot gain additional privileges by doing so."

-- Carl Warner
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