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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
I can't find the information I am looking for so I though I'd start dialog here.

I tried to:

  1. Compile a program into a mtdll
  2. Use the Web Services wizard in VFP7 to generate WSDL
  3. Manually copy my WSDL file to a directory under htdocs of Apache
  4. Try to create my object and call ADD method

I get an "OLE error code 0x0800a13bd: Unknown COM status code." I check the debugger and see the faultstring property of my owebservice object filled with "Client: Incorrect number of parameters supplied for SOAP request." Obviously I don't know what I'm doing here. I tried to call ADD method with the following code:

oWebService = CREATEOBJECT('mssoap.soapclient')
? oWebService.Add(1,1)

George Scapin

0. Does Apache support COM-based Web Services providers are are you using a third-party tool to provide that support?

(George Scapin)
I haven't look at this. So I need something to make Apache support COM-based Web Services. I remember reading something about a mod you can include with Apache or something along this line. I'll have to look at that more.

1. How do you declare your Add method, i.e., PROCEDURE Add(iParam1 as Integer, iParam2 as Integer) as String

(George Scapin)

PROCEDURE ADD ( add1 AS Number, add2 AS Number ) AS Number
   RETURN add1 + add2

2. What does your WSDL file look like?

(George Scapin)

3. What happens if you use the built-in Web Services tools in Task Pane (VFP8) or IntelliSense Manager (VFP7) to register and generate the code via IntelliSense?

(George Scapin)
I am using VFP7. I registered the web service in IntelliSense. I got a message saying "Finished generating IntelliSense scripts successfully. I'm not so sure how to gerate code via IntelliSense. I'll look into this.

-- tr
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