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Hello all.
Has anyone had any experience trying to consume a Cold Fusion -created web service with VFP 8.0?
I am trying this with a simple service and have been unsuccessful. The same web service, when written in VB, I can call and get a return value with no problems. The VB-created file has an extension of '.asmx', and is called with '.asmx?wsdl'. The ColdFusion-created file has an extension of '.wsdl'. I've tried the different examples that I've found here and other FoxPro user sites, and have been able to call these services with no problems. This includes services with either type of extension.
So, I am confused as to what is different about this Cold Fusion wsdl file that VFP is having a problem with.

Thanks for any suggestions.
( Topic last updated: 2004.08.23 05:33:49 PM )