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Web TV is basically a box that contains a Web Browser along with inputs/outputs for a television, VCR, cable-box, printer, etc.

Many developers may frown on it as a true Web Browser however, my experience with Web TV has been remarkably powerful.

The Browser is limited (IE 3.0+) but it succesfully provides an enjoyable web-browsing experience over a regular television.

In addition to e-mail, chat and other basic features, Web TV recently introduced interactive programming for television shows. Web TV links with your VCR (providing scheduled recording and reminder services, without having to program your VCR) and provides a full TV listing.

Although you might scoff at its limited browsing ability (especially with lack of support for Java applets), Web TV offers people a good glimpse of Web over the TV (instead of TV over the Web, which is pretty much a disaster unless you have a T3 connection).
On a personal note, as techies we all use computers on a daily basis. Web TV however, has introduced the power of the Web to many members of my family who don't use a computer. It's wonderful looking at your TV and seeing if you have "mail" waiting. Shape of things to be sure...
A friend of mine who is not all that computer literate has Web TV. Although she tolerates it, it's very frustrating for her, and I can see why. Frankly, I find the interface extremely cumbersome and awkward. I have a feeling if she tried accessing the web from a computer a couple of times, she'd throw out her Web TV. -- Barbara Peisch
Key is the Web TV keyboard. With a regular remote, it's impossible to use it. -- MarkusEgger
Agreed, Markus. If you don't get the keyboard, it's not worth it. We bought the main unit and the next day, we went out and bought the keyboard. My biggest concern was speed but if she has the latest models (with the 56K modems), I have found the speed is quite reasonable (depending on the site and the time of day). Maybe it's the Canadian connection -- Andrew MacNeill
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