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Wednesday Night Lectures

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The Wednesday Night Lectures was a series of chats held each Wednesday on various topics and are usually about 1 hour long. If you would like to present a topic, look at the bottom of this page.
The purpose of the Wednesday Night Lectures:
  • provide VFP information in an interactive format
  • nurture the creation of presentations
  • encourage developers give live presentations
  • showcase VFP support options (UT chat, Wiki...)
  • help the VFP community grow

  • Past Chats
    [2001.09.05] David Stevenson How To Write AGreat Magazine Article for Article Writing Group
    [2001.08.29] Carl Karsten QBF
    [2001.08.08] Carl Karsten Intro To Web Servers
    [2001.08.01] Alex Feldstein Vfp Asp 2 (Data!)
    [2001.07.25] Alex Feldstein Vfp Asp 1 (no vfp)
    [2001.07.18] Alex Feldstein Web Con VFP y Web Connect (Spanish)
    [2001.07.11] Craig Berntson FRXvs Crystal
    [2001.07.04] Nothing Scheduled - US 4th of July holiday
    [2001.06.27] Carl Karsten Msde Vfp 105 xCase
    [2001.06.20] Markus Voellmy Msde Vfp 104
    [2001.06.13] Markus Voellmy Msde Vfp 103
    [2001.06.06] Carl Karsten Msde Vfp 102
    [2001.05.30] Carl Karsten Msde Vfp 101
    [2001.05.23] All Orlando Devcon 2001 Gems
    [2001.05.16] Nothing Scheduled - End of Devcon
    [2001.05.09] Mike Helland Using XSLT
    [2001.05.02] EllenWhitney Basics Of Modeling
    [2001.04.25] Craig Berntson COM Codebook WNL
    [2001.04.18] Mark McCasland Basic Oracle For VFP
    [2001.04.11] Mike Helland InstallShield With VFP
    [2001.04.04] John Koziol Report Metadata
    [2001.03.28] Whil Hentzen Whilfest 2001 Chat
    [2001.03.21] MarkusEgger VFP DevCon Connections 2001 Chat
    [2001.03.07] Val Matison Fox Teach 2001 Chat
    [2001.02.14] William Sanders Jason Nance VFP MySQL Linux P 1
    [2001.02.07] EllenWhitney Working With Use Cases
    [2001.01.24] EllenWhitney Software Requirements
    [2001.01.17] John PChambers Tom OHare wOOdy Active FoxPro Pages Discussion
    [2001.01.10] Michael Schwaid Basics Of OOP
    [2001.01.03] Barbara Paltiel Moving An App To The Web With Web Connect
    [2000.12.20] Vin Miller VBReuse For VFP ers Part 2
    [2000.12.13] Alex Feldstein Introducción AOrientación De Objetos En VFP (in Spanish)
    [2000.11.29] Vin Miller VBReuse For VFP ers
    [2000.11.15] Les Pinter Using Web Connect
    [2000.11.08] Carl Karsten Setting Up IISand PWS
    [2000.11.01] Jim BoothOffsite link to
What Does Dot NETMean To The VFP Developer
    [2000.10.25] Barbara Peisch Nancy Folsom Basics Of Consulting
    [2000.10.18] Craig Berntson Introduction To COM
    [2000.10.11] Jason Nance File Serving With Linux
    [2000.10.04] Ricardo Wenger Vfp 7 And Vs DotNet
    [2000.09.26] David Stevenson Live From Devcon Miami 2000
    [2000.09.20] Craig Berntson Using And Developing For MTS
    [2000.09.13] Craig Berntson Intro To NTier Development
    [2000.09.10] Erik Moore Practical Xml Part 2
    [2000.09.06] Erik Moore Practical Xml Part 1
    [2000.09.03] Ed Rauh Pointers On Pointers II
    [2000.08.30] Mike Helland ASPand VFP
    [2000.08.23] Ed Rauh Pointers On Pointers
    [2000.08.16] John Koziol Office Automation With VFP
    [2000.08.11] John Petersen VBDatabasesForVFPDevelopers

    If you would like to be a speaker, contact Carl Karsten. I have a few requests:
  • Have at least a 1 line wiki page with your credentials and contact info. Nothing fancy, and contact info can be as simple as what forums you can be found on.
  • Create a wiki page for your topic with a short description, and a few revelent links so that people can get a jump start on the topic. This will give me something that I will plaster on all of the Visual FoxPro Links (Monday night, Wednesday morning).

  • To speakers, both past and future, and also Evan Delay (the founder of WNL), I thank you very much. -- CFK
    As a help for knowing you localtime, review - Pablo Roca
    See also: Irc Chats Vfp Chats
    Contributors: Evan Delay Cindy Winegarden Carl Karsten Alex Feldstein
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