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West Wind Technologies is Rick Strahl 's Internet Development and Tools company. The company specializes in Internet application development and tools focused on Internet Information Server, ISAPI, C++ and Visual FoxPro. Rick is author of West Wind Web Connection, a powerful and widely used Web application framework for Visual FoxPro, West Wind HTML Help Builder, co-author of Visual Web Builder, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, and a frequent contributor to FoxPro magazines and books.

The West Wind Web site is a prime resource for Web Development information. The site provides a large number of white papers on Internet and Enterprise development issues as well as a full featured message board focused on Interet Development with Visual FoxPro.

West Wind Technologies created the following tools:
West Wind Web Connection
West Wind HTML Help Builder
West Wind Internet Protocols
West Wind Web Store
Visual WebBuilder (with EPSSoftware)

Author of: Internet Applications With Visual FoxPro 6, Hentzenwerke ISBN 0965509397
Publisher of: CoDe Magazine (with EPSSoftware)

For further information:
Web Site:
Message Board:
White Papers:
Web Connection:

West Wind Technologies
32 Kaiea Place
Paia, Hawaii 96779

The West Wind Web Connection tool can be used to create great data-driven websites. Like this Wiki, for example. He's also got an extensive collection of articles, whitepapers and tools you can download.-- Steven Black
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