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What About Visual FoxPro 7 Beta 2

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"Microsoft announced today that Microsoft Visual FoxPro 7.0 has entered Beta2 and will ship earlier than expected. Beta2 is a closed Beta for Visual FoxPro developers who have worked closely with the Visual FoxPro team on previous beta versions of the product."

Just some questions:

  • Can anybody tell some about this Beta 2?
    No. Anyone who has this Beta is under a Non-Disclosure Agreement. That's what "closed Beta" means. The only thing that can be publicly said is what Microsoft publicly shows. (Or what has already been shown in Beta1. IOW, Beta2 participants cannot talk about anything changed or new since Beta1.)
    Everything in Beta1 is public, so that stuff can be discussed. You are correct in that anything new or changed in Beta2 falls under the NDA agreement.

  • Why is it a closed Beta?
    What I've seen in Betas at this stage is that they close them to remain focused. Usually, at this point the features are set and will not change. Burning the final or 'gold' CDs is scheduled in advance - usually by several months. So, in order to meet that 'burn date' or RTM (Release To Manufacturing) there's very little wiggle room to add, test, debug & fix last minute changes. It's a time thing.. Only once, in the FP 2.0 beta have I seen it extended for technical reasons. -- Doug Dodge

  • What is the criteria MS adopts to choose Beta Testers?
    Anyone can apply. Send an email to You'll get back an automated message telling you how to apply. It's too late for VFP7, but you can apply for VFP8. However, there is no guarantee that you'll get accepted.

  • Wouldn't be more productive to have some kind of open discussion in the FoxPro forums after Beta1 and Beta2 before the final release, involving more people than the "close workers", in order to have a product that fits better into the "average programmer's" (by average programmer I mean people like me) wish list too?
    Anyone can make their wishes for the next version known by sending e-mail to Also, how do you know that people on the closed Beta aren't "average programmer's"? The open discussion was the purpose of Beta1.
    I didn't say that the people on the closed beta aren't "average programmer's", what I said was to have a product that fits better into the "average programmer's" ... wish list. Looking at VFP's help file is a good place to understand what I mean.
    While the group of Beta testers usually includes the people you'd expect (the ones who write and speak about VFP regularly), there are always others who are chosen to represent average VFP users. Generally, the Beta testers are also chosen to provide a variety of development and deployment environments, in terms of OS, number of ultimate users, size of databases, and so forth.
    Thanks, that is the answer to my question.
    I was selected as a Beta tester for VFP6 while working in a small systems house in a small city in northern New England.

    Is not my intention to be one of the "chosen", of course, but some of the great fellows at this Wiki could be, and they could tell us about what is going on with the recent Beta tests if they were the ones to do it. -- Fernando Alvares

    Again, see above. Under the NDA, people can't publicly discuss the Beta beyond what Microsoft has already made public.
    If you send e-mail to, this is the automated e-mail they send back:

    You may apply via e-mail to test and submit bugs for a specific Microsoft product, but due to limited testing slots, we cannot guarantee that you will be invited to participate. To guarantee consistent, monthly access to Microsoft Beta products, you may subscribe to the Tech Net Plus program. This program does not require that you provide Microsoft with frequent testing and bug reporting.

    To submit a formal request to be included in a specific technical Beta program, send e-mail to in the following format. Please send one e-mail per product that you are interested in testing.

    Subject header: Product name (do NOT include Microsoft in the product name)
    Include the following information in the body of your e-mail message:

    First Name
    Middle Name
    Last Name
    Street Address (no PO boxes)
    E-mail Address
    Brief description of your system configuration
    Brief description of why you want to test this product.

    Your request will be forwarded to the Product Group for review and consideration. Due to the volume of requests received, the Product Groups are only able to contact you if you are being considered for participation.

    To subscribe to the Tech Net Plus program please visit: For questions regarding the Tech Net Plus Subscription, contact: (800) 344-2121 or e-mail:
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