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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
I get this every time I try to add a new topic:

The server is not setup to handle this type of Request: NEWTOPICNAME=TESTMYTOPIC

Joe Kuhn

Steps to reproduce? What gives you the impression that NEWTOPICNAME=TESTMYTOPIC would add a new topic? -- Steven Black

Steps: Click on "New Topic" and enter "TestMyTopic". Then click on the Edit button. Tried same with "Easy Mediator" and got same results. Today it's accepting "Easy Mediator", but not "TestMyTopic". Joe Kuhn
Every once in a while the wiki slows way down. Other web sites in my favorites list come up as fast as they always have. What happens? Joe Kuhn

Every once in a while, automated processes happen to the wiki, like backups, and regeneration of categry lists. Occasionally someone invokes a long topic that takes several seconds to generate. Occasionally someone drags the wiki into their offline folders, whose worm then generates 10,000 hits. The wiki is programmed to deny these types of requests, but it must still deal with the hits. When these things happen, others queue. -- Steven Black

Is there a schedule so we might leave the wiki alone when you're cleaning up? Or perhaps a posting we might check first, before logging on, when the wiki is in maintenance mode? Joe Kuhn

There's no real predictable schedule. Every hour a mirroring program copies the all the tables from the various wikis to another physical drive on my network, which takes about two minuues. Other than that I try to do maintenance on weekends...-- Steven Black
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( Topic last updated: 2002.09.21 09:05:07 PM )