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What Is The TIMEParameter

Namespace: VFP
I expect the answer to be "This is an obsolete parameter" but here goes...

In the Printer is not ready (Error 125) help topic in VFP 8 (and probably well before) the description includes the following potential solution.

The TIME parameter in your Visual FoxPro configuration file might need to be increased.

I cannot find any other mention of this parameter and was wondering :-
We occasionally get this error when printing off a batch run where we generate hundreds of individual print jobs to the same printer queue.

Thanks heaps -- Rob Spencer

The only reference I could find is here link

-- Rhodri C Evans

Thanks Rhodri! Hmmm, that page doesn't look all that new though (built with Front Page 4.0 in 2001 or before). Is this still really a VFPStartupParameter? Maybe it's time for a documentation update. -- Rob Spencer
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