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Foxpro is Multi user or Single user System? If it's multi user system, how many systems we can connect?

If anyone knows please answer this.

FoxPro (FPD, FPW and VFP) are ALL multi-user systems.
However, the number of workstations is dependent in large part on the type of network that is in use.
If the "network" is Microsoft standard peer-to-peer then the maximum number of users will be around 5 or 6, depending on what other devices are also shared by the PC that stores the data and acts as the "server".
If the network is a "proper" network server system then the number of connections is virtually limitless depending on licensing for that server.
I have worked in a proper server system (Novell) some years ago, using FPD 2.6, that had between 225-250 users connected and using the application simultaneously. I have not had such an opportunity using VFP but I see no reason why it couldn't handle the same number or more. Of course the application design is a critical factor in the ultimate capability.
Finally, there are certain things that should be done in any multi-user system to promote a satisfactory user experience, primarily focused on locking and on "Rushmore". -- Jim Nelson
In Edmonton there was a VFP 5 distributed application that had several servers in cities around the province. Each site server hosted many clients and the site servers fed a main server in the capital. To summarize, It was massive and it worked just fine.
it is sad that foxpro is extince. it was a gr8 product combining database management a programming language sql and query by example all under one roof in an integrated system
access my sql oracle java none have all these features under one roof a gr8 convenince.
fox has simple commands for making boxes extremely receptive user input screens and functions not rivalled by any product
we again need visual foxpro
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