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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
From The Hackers Guide:
Whats This Help is a Windows feature meant to serve as an intermediate level of help between Tool Tips and the full-fledged Help system.

It's also extremely limited on the kinds of forms it can be used on automatically. The following form properties must be set to enable Whats This Help (From VFP6 help):

The What's This button is not displayed in the form's title bar if the WhatsThisButton property is set to true (.T.) and any of the following are true (under Windows95/Windows98):

Under Windows2000 the rules are different... Here are some circumstances that now give you the button:
You should notice that Microsoft only uses WhatThisHelp on relatively few modal dialog boxes like in the Control Panel applets.

But, then, we can forget Microsoft (I tried hard to be that polite..) and be more consistent in our own applications by creating our own Whats This Help Button. Even create it as a class that automatically positions itself in the top-right corner and has a Marlett Font caption "s" (the real question mark). See the code in Whats This Help Button for complete details.

You can invoke the Whats This Help feature of any form (whether it has a "real" [?] button in its title bar or not) by executing the form's Whats This Help() method... The cursor immediately becomes a Question mark arrow and the user can click on something. -- wgcs
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