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Anybody know what's become of...
Bob Grommes - Former editor of Fox Talk. Bob is here and here
SavannahBrentnall - From this bio of Kai Krause it looks like she lives in Santa Barbara, CA. -- Cindy Winegarden
Nope - Savannah and Kai broke up. She's living in LA, no longer working in computers, but doing fine... -- YAlan Griver
She has a new business venture at Savannah Custom Scrapbook Design -- Steve Stamm
Corey Schwartz - Author of dBUG and Sound Explosion and founder of Programmer's Warehouse is living in Arizona. After the xBase world he did some venture and turn-around work and then founded Serinova Financial a commercial real estate finance company.
JamesMartin - Wrote magnificent books like "Design of Man-Computer Dialogues" (Prentice-Hall Series in Automatic Computation), among others (veteran programmers know him, certainly) -- Eduardo Coutinho
Wayne Ratliff - Wrote Vulcan (which became dBaseII) after reading the spec for JPLDIS
Jeb Long - Great grandfather of VFP (whose name was Vulcan and was developed in Fortran, running on a Univac 1106 - AFAIK)

I talk to Jeb at least once a month and receive bad email jokes from him weekly. He tinkers with his projects and is still living comfortably from the proceeds of excercised Ashton Tate stock options. Correction: Jeb and Wayne Ratliff are the great grandparents of dBase (originally Vulcan at JPL). Wayne left Ashton Tate prior to dBase III+ because he had enough money and didn't want to learn C (prior to that version, dBase was written in ASM) and that's when Jeb took over. Oh yeah... and lets not forget Perry Lawrence, Nelson Tso, Steve Crivelo and a few others (whose names escape me) who comprised the core dBase team. Without them, there would be no FoxPro. - JeffPace
If I'm not mistaken, the predecessor of Vulcan was JPLDIS (written by Wayne Ratliff at Jet Propulsion Labs). We used it in our company's technical library as a card catalog back in the 70's. Ran on our mainframe. Bob Tracy
I think Wayne Ratliff surface a few years ago with a product called Emerald Bay. It was dBasie, but its key features was that it had variable field lengths. That solved numerous issues but I don't think it ever got over the speed issue for searches. Peter Diotte
BrianRussell - Creator of Clipper - (Apr 27, 2006) Brian lives in Malibu California. Phil Usher

Martin Rinehart -- used to write for IDBUG
CraigYellick - He was VP of as of Jan 2001. - Alex Wieder (big fan of Clipper)
Ellen Sander - in Midcoast Maine
Dirk Lesko -- creator of the FUNCKY Library for Clipper - Not sure about Dirk himself, but the company seems to be alive and kicking ( ) - Alex Wieder

Looks like Dirk is still behind Funcky. dLesko, Inc. still owns Funcky and now is in Sparta, NJ. There is phone listing for a D. Lesko in Stanhope, NJ, which isn't far from Sparta. -- Craig Berntson
Steve Straley
BasilHosmer -- creator of UI Programmer for xBase which became immediately obsolete with the FoxPro screen designer -- (Apr 27, 2006) Basil is now an Architect with Macomedia in Boston [Phil Usher]
AdamGreen -- the first professional trainer I met in the xBASE world. Adam was CTO of Andover.NET, and became a multi-millionaire when it was purchased by VALinux. Story at
I remember that he was involved in the first big wave of PowerSoft madness that had FoxBase co-workers running around insisting the sky was falling. And he used a quote from me (praising him as a teacher) on the front page of his brochure for PowerSoft training! -- Ted Roche
Adam has some audiocasts re: Hal Pawluk, dBASE, Ashton-Tate at He's also blogging at -- tr
Ed Esber -- once head of Ashton Tate
Edward Esber Named CEO of PocketScience Inc. (Business Wire news from Feb. 29, 2000)
Larry Heimendinger (Nantucket Corp.) -- (Apr 27, 2006) Larry lives in Seattle Phil Usher

Barry Re Bell (Nantucket Corp.) The funding and backing for the start of Nantucket Software.
George Juarez (Nantucket Corp.)
PeteOlympia PHD - Columnist in DBMS Magazine around mid-80's, mostly wrote about FoxBase/FoxPro and other Desktop databases
As I recall, Pete Olympia wrote a book called "Everyman's Database Primer". That book was tremendous and launched my career. He's a great writer. -- Peter Diotte
Pete, "Everyman's Database Primer" was written by Robert A. Byers published 11/1982, it was one of the best "first" books on database stuff at the time. -- Jim BoothOffsite link to
Pete Olympia (aka P.L.Olympia) wrote a book entitled "Developing FoxPro Applications" with co-author Kathy Cea. It was copyright 1990. He also wrote a sweet Novell FLL library called FP-Net, I believe. -- Carl Warner
JordanPowell sufferred a debilitating stroke some years ago. He has spent the last five years learning how to talk all over again. Friends wishing to reach him can find his email address on the Universal Thread members list. - tr
R. Russell Freeland - Publisher of IDBUG, creator of SCRIMAGE (Screen Image, for FoxBase)
Russell also wrote two books:
"dBASE Language Programmer's Companion"
Paperback (Bantam Dell Pub Group, May 1, 1996)
"dBASE Power: Building, and Using Programming Tools"
(This book was coauthored by PeteOlympia and RandyWallin)
Paperback (Ashton Tate, March 1, 1988)
I can't remember one of these books, ARGGGGHHHH. - RF
Pat Adams -- Used her FP2.x error handlers. Excellent stuff!
MartinSchiff - Host of the infamous IguanaFest at DevCon1993 in Orlando, Martin runs Custom Data Solutions in Maitland, Florida.
John Hoffman - Passed away a number of years ago.
Theresa Carey: She runs the MSDN Mag's "New Stuff" page on every issue.
George Goley - According to his Linked-In bio (16-Jun-2010), George is now Vice President Technology - Software Development at
Microsoft in the SQL Server Group
Senior Director at Microsoft. One of the true great FoxBase/FoxPro gurus.
David Irwin
JeffWinchell -- JR- Found him! found "by accident" while looking for xCase on AltaVista, he was number 2 in the list! Lives overseas.
Jeff was the main author of the great book for its time on FoxPro 2. It was entitled "FoxPro 2 - A Developer's Guide", subtitled "Expert Guidance for Industrial-Strength Programming" and was copyright 1991. -- Carl Warner
I have moved back to the states (in the Seattle area) - "El Jefe"
BrucePalmer -- Author of BPUPick.PRG
JonSigler -- The unmotivated VFP 3 product manager. "None of this would be happening if Jon Sigler were alive!" Apparently, John has become the anti-christ as far as Bill Gates is concerned. See: Jon is now the GPM of Access.

Oct 4, 2004 - Up until a few days ago, Jon Sigler was Group Program Manager for Access. Now he's... gone. See:

Oct 18, 2005 - now he's PM for FileMaker Pro.
Tod Nielsen -- MS Fox marketing in VFP 3 era, yucked it up with Chris Caposella in "Challenge Me!" skit at DevCon Orlando 93 (Picture: Left MSFT as vice president of the platform and developer group in 2000 (, joined CrossGain as CEO ( and was booted as part of a Microsoft non-compete violation controversy (, now the chief marketing officer at BEA.

It was announced Aug 24, 2004 that Tod was leaving BEA Systems to "pursue other interests".

Then worked for Oracle (

Appointed President and CEO of Borland. -- ?tr

Jan 8, 2009 Appointed COO of VMWare
Joined by Richard McAniff (keynote speaker at at past DevCon) as EVP and Chief Development Officer (
Doctor Dave -- Dave Fulton lives in the Seattle area and is busy with philanthropic endeavors, particularly the Seattle Symphony.
Software Magnate Fulton Loans $50 Million Violins to Virtuoso

Who was the main author of genscrn.prg? Walt Kennamer? Did he have a wife Sherry Kennamer? Yes, Sherri (I'm pretty sure it's an "i," not a "y") Bruhn and Walt Kennamer are yet another of the couples who met through the CompuServe Fox Forum.
I think Walter wrote also most (if not everything) the old Fox Doc, that was on of the first incredible tools that far distinguished FP from other development environments.
Yes, he did. Fox Doc was an offshoot of Snap!, an excellent freeware utility that Walter wrote to teach himself Turbo Pascal. He published it and got the beta testers in Compuserve (forget if it was on Ashforum or Foxforum). -- Alex Feldstein (one of the original Snap! beta testers)
Walt & Sherri both went to work for Microsoft when Fox Holdings, Inc/ was merged with Microsoft. I think they're still there. -- Doug Dodge

Walt left MSFT a couple years ago, though I'm not sure if Sherri did or not. They still live in WA, though. -- Kerry Nietz

As of 6/30/4 I couldn't find either of them in MSFT's directory. I presume they went elsewhere.

The main author of genscrn was not Walt, but rather one of the "testers." A favorite of Dr. Dave's, her cubicle was immediately adjacent to his corner office. I cannot remember her name. She was Polish (i.e. actually born in Poland) and I think her first name began with a "Y" -- Bob Ruple

The original author of GENSCRN was indeed of Polish descent and her name was (and still is) Jadzia Carlson. She didn't join MSFT as part of the merger (as told in Fox Tales ). She still lives in Ohio with her family and is now a CS instructor at my alma mater (BGSU). -- Kerry Nietz
Greg Carpenter - author of Espia Images for Fox DOS products, rumored coder of the VFP grid. Authored MSDN articles, including "Advanced ActiveX Controls in Visual FoxPro 5.0", Became Group Product Manager, Windows Media. Left Microsoft in 1999 to join Digital Entertainment Network, according to In 2000, DEN crashed, according to "How a Visionary Venture on the Web Unraveled" LA Times,,

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