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Where Is The Fox

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Here's a nice(r) twist to the usual fox reviews
-- Peter Easson

Where Is The Fox?

The purpose of this page (yes it has a purpose) is to call your attention to the neglect Microsoft has been doing in Visual FoxPro Marketing. The point here is to show that besides doing NO marketing at all (sometimes counter marketing), at MS announcements or developer tools pages is somehow dificult to find references to VFP (some pages show no references) or, worst, the reader may be leaded to think VFP is dead or almost that. Please check "At the crossroads" Thread #491174 at UT, as an example (it's a long one).

Could you, please, see Microsoft Product News at and help me to find out where is the Fox in that page? -- Fernando Alvares
It is there Fernando. - Evan Delay
Is this a change of Heart from Microsoft??
Excerpt from VFP Page at MSDN:
Microsoft Access, the database in Office, is the most broadly used and easiest-to-learn database tool that Microsoft offers. If you are new to databases, if you are building applications that take advantage of Office, or if you want an interactive product with plenty of convenience, then choose Access. Visual FoxPro is a powerful rapid application development (RAD) tool for creating relational database applications. If you are a database developer who builds applications for a living and you want ultimate speed and power, then choose Visual FoxPro.

Last Updated: 6/26/01

-- Peter Easson

It's nice to see these kinds of statements coming from MS, but how was your attention was brought to that item, Peter? The only people who are going to see such articles are the ones who are hunting for them, or are already looking on the VFP site. Observe the absence of VFP from this page:
Yea, you're right... I think we all suffer from VFPAdvertisingDeprivationSydndrome. Impossible to find really. There is a new magazine just launched in Australia called Systems Developer. I would like to submit a press release about VFP7, so could we compile a VFP7PressRelease and I will submit it. There was talk of how good Delphi 6 is with its bizsnaps, websnaps and datasnaps etc , but we've got to have an equal if not better product
-- Peter Easson



Attempt #1: click at the above link, wait... find "Press Releases" at "Visual Studio" then click, wait... then click at "Microsoft Unveils Visual Studio.NET Open Tools Platform", wait... and voilà! That's all that Mr Boss/Client needs to know! (if you don't use VFP, but...)

Attempt #2: click at (Development Tools), wait..., find "Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0" at "Visual FoxPro" then click, wait... then find "For information on the Next Generation of Visual Studio go to: Next Generation" at "* Next Generation" then click, wait... and what do you got? No Fox again! So, what is the purpose of this link? To induce that FoxPro is gone (going) and you must change to .NET? Why not a link to Visual FoxPro 7.0 Announcement page?

This is a way of showing a sad reality of what one will get when trying to know (show) what is FoxPro or what hapenned to it (if he/she knows it exists/existed). -- Fernando Alvares

Since VFP is not part of Visual Studio.Net, why should it be included on the Visual Studio.Net page? For the record, when the announcement was first made, it was on the Visual Studio 6.0 home page. it still is

Answering your question: "...why should it be included on the Visual Studio.Net page?" I have no idea, it seems stupid to me if they did so, because VFP no longer belongs to VS. Now you answer my question: Please, don't seem to you that somebody is hiding the Fox? At least, why it doesn't deserves the same exposure the other MS products do?

Anyway, I'll try to reply based on the two attempts I posted:

Reply based on Attempt #1: This is the Microsoft Product News page, and as far as I am concerned VFP still is a MS product, and there is no reference to it. Even the mactopia (whatever that is) has a reference to it. Well (suppose I didn't read the blessed VFP announcement, lots of people didn't!) as I couldn't find any VFP entry at the page (no VB and no C++ also), what is reasonable to think? That VFP is "still" in VS. That's why one could be leaded to select "Visual Studio" and click. This thinking seems reasonable to you?

Reply based on Attempt #2: This is the Microsoft Development Tools page, and here we can find VFP. So we choose it to learn more about. Then comes "Overview" then "Benefits". After reading all this we find "Next Generation:" (under benefits), and we think "well here comes the future (of) VFP!" then we click over it, and what we get? Please, you know what we get! Why they send you to the VS.NET page should be asked to MS, not to me.

Now, think for a while, when I created this page my only intention was to clain for attention not over me, but over the poor VFP marketing MS is doing (no marketing at all). Don't you think that any people highly commited with VFP as a product and its community as a whole, like I am, and like you are, I'm sure, would be very unhappy with the MS neglect to VFP's marketing? So, please, join me, perhaps you have better ideas than I do, I'm sure. You certainly can deal better with the english words than I can. It's unfair to make a question like that one you did to me when you've already realized that I had the best intentions. Maybe wrong way? I apologyze. Maybe wrong words? I apologyze again. Please, join with your ideas, we have to show where the Fox is. Give your ideas and you'll not have to stand my poor ideas anymore. I'll thank you for that. -- Fernando Alvares

Must need to follow the .NET link. But then, that still doesn't help with VFP and C++.
See Fox Talk article Whither Our Fox—Part 2 (Thanks Craig! pulled from "At the crossroads" - UT Thread #491174 Message #491183)
This behavior is nothing new, for proof look at
Notice all the superlatives for VB, (for rapid development of Windows operating system-based client-server applications, as well as Web applications and middle-tier business components) & C++ ( for building the highest-performance applications and components) compared to VFP (building database applications and developing components using the FoxPro language). - Alek Massey
Please, check great point by SamRobbins at UT (thread #497964 Message #497964 - 20/04/2001 12:14:30). This one is really very hard to swallow! -- Fernando Alvares
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