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Where Is VFP 7

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Has anyone seen, got hold of (bought, sniffed, received with great thanks from MS) a copy of VFP7?

VFP 7 can be downloaded from the MSDN downloads ( for MSDN subscribers.

I am eagerly awaiting its release (in the UK) and keep checking the and UT but there doesnít seem to be any mention of it. Iím sure I read the it was due for general release 6th June


Amazon.COM started that June 6th rumor. In fact, the product was released to manufacturing late in June. It takes a few weeks to actually produce the CD's and get 'em in the boxes. -- Tamar Granor

Official RTM date was June 26. It takes 4-6 weeks after that to manufacture the product. -- Craig Berntson

Latest I heard was July 24th. Don't remember where, though. -- Ray Kirk

The only official date you can get is it was RTMed June 26. After that, any date is only speculation. -- Craig Berntson

Bulls**t, it is not out yet, but we have three updates already. See: -- JoskoMartinac
It *is* out, no sh*tting about it. MSDN Universal subscribers can and have downloaded it for the past few days. That's why there are three updates already. -- Brad Jones

Ok, Ok it IS out, but three updates after just few days!!! -- JoskoMartinac

Can someone point me to it? The MSDN Download home page lists VFP7 as a new addition, and clicking the klink takes you to the VFP home page which includes a link tghat takes you to - you've guessed it - the MSDN downloads home page! Clicking the Downloads tab from here brings up a page with a list of available downloads in the left frame, but I can't find VFP7 anywhere on it! Help please... -- Tony Bater

You have to login to the MSDN Subscriber downloads using MsPassPort... the older MicrosoftOnlineID no longer is used for the MSDN page.... which is annoying because I have my OWN MsPassPort ID, which is different now from our company's MsPassPort, so I have to log out then log in to get to the MSDN subscriber page; PLUS, the "Automatically Login" feature of MsPassPort does NOT work with the MSDN page (and is acknowledged as a bug on the MSDN page). - wgcs
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