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White Box Testing

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

A place to discuss white-box testing.
White-box testing is testing that verifies specific lines of code work as defined. Also referred to as clear-box testing. (Source: Object Testing Patterns)

White-box testing is actually more: Covering any element in the code. This can be lines, but also branches, conditions, combinations of conditions, variables and their use, interfaces. White-box testing is connected with coverage criteria. Examples are statement coverage, branch coverage etc. Coverage can be monitored by automated tools, so-called test coverage analysis tools. Such tools instrument the code and count what is executed during testing, and how often.

There is no white-box coverage criterion which guarantees that the software will be error-free.

It is most popular to check coverage during module, unit or component testing, but white-box testing is not a synonym of unit, module or component testing.

Contributor: Hans Schaefer
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