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A very interesting blog entry by Andy Kramek. Is .NET out there only to generate more money for M$? What are the reasons to move to .NET other than using ASP.NET? Definitely some benefits, but is it worth the ride? It's ever changing, not backward compatable, and not mature.

I have a new hobby... searching for "Foxpro" in .NET blogs like the following:

It ALWAYS seems to turn up a brief mention of Foxpro in a negative light, but never has specifics as to what is "bad" about Foxpro.

I have to wonder if they are "heavily vested" in Foxpro, what's the business/technical case for re-writing everything? What version of Foxpro? Did they explore newer Foxpro versions/frameworks that could leverage their existing knowledge? Wonder how successful this project is? I'm tempted to leave a comment but I know I'll just get the .NET mantra... sigh... -- Randy Jean
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