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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Displays the open files, the users that opened these files and other related information.

Detects only the files opened using a net shared path. It does not return the files opened by a user on the local computer using a local path (i.e. the computer where the user is logged on). This is normal, because, otherwise, the number of returned files would be huge.

The user running this program must be a member of the Administrators or Account Operators local group.

It uses Net File EnumOffsite link to
Win32 API function to retrieve the wanted information from the OS.

1. The server name. It can also be a domain name. Use an empty string for the current computer. Ex: MyServer
2. The base path. Only the files in this directory (and all subdirectories) will be returned. This path must be specified as the local path on the computer where the files were opened, and not as the UNC path.
3. The user name. Use an empty string for all users.
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