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Why VFP or Not

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What do others think of VFP and FoxPro. Here is a collection of links where VFP &/or FoxPro is A) mentioned in a positive way, B) compared to other database products, or C) is mentioned as less desirable. Feel free to add others you have found.

Web sites where FoxPro is flattered (portrayed favorably, shown off becomingly, advantageously, with courtesy, pride) VFP9: Still Here Still Relevant The Ultimate Power and Speed of FoxPro (Reclaiming Failed DOT NET Projects) (Comparison to .NET) (Success Story For Carrier Aircon Distributor)

Web sites where FoxPro is compared to other database products (Servoy RAD tool) (VFP vs. Access) (SQL vs VFP, unfavorable) -- Note that this article primarily compares the data storage features, not the language/platform.,39024547,20276766,00.htm

Web sites where FoxPro is dissed (shown disrespect to, by criticism or insult, contempt, ridicule, discourtesy, or detraction) (And Access can still only handle FOUR records before imploding) (Only talking about ODBC drivers) Summary: "You have to know how to program to use VFP, so we got rid of it."

It is amazing how people do not hesitate to publish without knowledge:) Aldex is especially funny they call themselves "Professional Database Developers". Cetin Basoz

See also: Visual FoxPro Bullet Points

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