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Wiki is a Hawaiian word for fast.
That may be, but I like Tamar's idea--it stands for "What I Know Is".
A wiki web is a resource that a society chooses to administer. The charter for such a society defines the purpose and limits to the wiki. The resources of a wiki (both physical and intellectual) can be partitioned and repartitioned as appropriate at any given instant in time.

A society administers a wiki by investing power in officers who accept commissions and therefore responsibility for some partition of a wiki's resources. Power is counted in stones, a novel surrogate for money that is made possible by and exploits unique properties of electronic communication.

Power, and with it all important decision making, never actually leaves the hands of the members of the society. Commissions are only for a term, and even this can be revoked through a group decision making process called an auction.

-- Ward Cunningham
"Wiki Wiki Web (aka Wiki) is an open source collaborative server technology that enables users to access, browse, and edit Hyper Text pages in a real-time context. Such servers are a critical tool for efficiently, and effectively, coordinating collaborative documents, databases, and projects. Unlike many alternatives, Wiki supports flexible, user-defined attributes and structure. It is easy to use, concordant with current technologies and standards, and requires little investment in hardware, software, or training."

"The Wiki Way: Quick Collaboration on the Web" by BoLeuf, Ward Cunningham ISBN 020171499X
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